Package Includes:

  • Custom Stats
  • All Pro Perks
  • Augbar Classes
  • 100% Unlock All
  • All Weapons Gold
  • Unlock 15 Classes
  • GodMode/Invisible Classes
  • Custom Level/Prestige 0 – 21
  • Unlock Winter & Marine Camo
  • Private Match GodMode/Invisible Classes
  • Unlock Unstoppable and Overachiever Titles
  • Applied to Your Personal Account
  • Works on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 3!
  • Delivery Time: 24 hours or less from when paid

Playstation users before buy please check if your profile saving progress.

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Based on 36 reviews

36 reviews for Modern Warfare 3 Silver Package

  1. SteeX

    Excelent, fast and secure!!! really recommend!

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  2. Hamish (verified owner)

    Great My godmode classes didnt work and he fixed it!

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  3. Hamish (verified owner)

    Best Service Ever they do it nice Quick and Easy

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  4. Sandman (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient service. Would definitely buy from again 🙂 Legit!

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  5. Cowboy

    Very sastified. Answered me fast when I had questions. Would buy other products from here.

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  6. RobertGutierrez007 (verified owner)

    Quality and quantity! Would keep coming back to shop for more

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  7. Margaret Clark (verified owner)

    I love it, I got 21st pestige and it was really easy, NiceModz just went on there and did everything that I needed him to do. Although the godmode classes did stop working eventually, I got my first “moab” but the only reason Im giving it 5 stars insteead of 4 is because my stats were extactly how I ordered. Thank you!!

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  8. Efren Bustamante (verified owner)

    Let me start off by saying excellent servicing and everything that is promised here let me tell you its promised. You absolutely get what you asked for no doubt about it. And if you guys are suspicious let me tell you right now relax because this guy here is not a scammer. Hes a businesses man and like anyother business its serious. So again everything you see is what you get no lie. I promise you guys will be satisfied. Shoot i know i was…thanks nicemodz your da best homie.

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  9. dylanstaton

    Reliable and trustworthy. Just what i asked for!

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  10. iXD3fective (verified owner)

    Great service and quality.

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  11. Fbwu (verified owner)

    Great Service Thanks!

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  12. blaxkwell (verified owner)

    Bought it last night and had it the following morning. great service and quick response to my messages. only place i’d ever trust no lie

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  13. DJtranzform24 (verified owner)

    Amazing service !!!!!!!! highly recommend

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  14. B Diddy Dre (verified owner)

    Really fast, really nice. Great service. 100% Recommended.

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  15. Rehverse (verified owner)

    Excellent and quick service. I received everything in less than 24 hours.? Would highly recommend.

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  16. Steven_199

    Perfect service and quality for mods. 100% legit and fast

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  17. Beige Euros (verified owner)

    Fast, and very efficient. Will come back at any time for another quality service like that!

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  18. Aphrodites Daddy (verified owner)

    Extremely worth. Took care of everything they needed to. Good job guys. Will be back for more.

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  19. Zachary (verified owner)

    I was a little nervous about doing this but I paid and within 24 hours nicemodz contacted me and got everything set up and my classes are exactly what I paid for highly recommend it works

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  20. CristoRe1984 (verified owner)

    Tutto bene! Ottimo servizio, siete stati gentili e cortesi per tutte le mie richieste! Grazie

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  21. Bubbles92 (verified owner)

    Best mod I have ever used, had such a fun first game with godmode

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  22. Bryce0524 (verified owner)

    Did a great job, everything was as expected! Everyone should definitely jump on this opportunity!

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  23. Gan (verified owner)

    I bought this from him and I absolutely loved it I will buy again

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  24. bfels (verified owner)

    quick + easy 10/10

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  25. OaTHxPLaYz (verified owner)

    Guys legit and he helped me all the way through it great customer support if you have and doubts about it not being legit add me on Xbox and I’ll show you proof OaTHxPLaYZ

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  26. Jake (verified owner)

    Excellent seller , highly recommend!

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  27. itstinytim (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant at first because I’ve been ripped off in the past, but when I got deranked again I started to do some research and nicemodz is the real deal. Super quick and easy too.

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  28. CoZmic EclipZ (verified owner)

    They did exactly what I wanted and had EXCEPTIONAL communication. ???

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  29. Chris W. Beck (verified owner)

    I got this for my boy and he loves it.
    The guy for support was very helpful and my boy is happy so I’m happy.
    Thanks nicemodz for a great job!

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  30. t409481 (verified owner)

    Excellent seller, legit and reset my stats when an online modder de-ranked me. Fast, reliable service. Will do business with them again!

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  31. Josh (verified owner)

    He is very legit and fast you guys should definetly shop with him i purchased twice already

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  32. Zachary turner

    Ordered around 11 got it done around 12-1 fast as heck took 10 minutes everything looks amazing! Ive ordered I believe 4 things from this site from 2017-2022 very satisfied excellent work! Recommend using there great! Definitely telling everyone to check them out!

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  33. Tom

    Reliable u can trust bro he comes thru correct

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  34. david

    Thank you so much you’re such a legend you’re so reliable and I recommend you to anybody NiceMoDz

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  35. Larry

    Great service, had a problem and lost everything after he did it the 1st time and re did it for with no issues

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  36. David

    You’re such a legend thank you very much amazing service Ty bro

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