Package Includes:

  • Colored Classes
  • GodMode/Invisible Classes
  • Applied to Your Personal Account
  • Works on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 3!
  • Delivery Time: 24 hours or less from when paid

Playstation users before buy please check if your profile saving progress.

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To speed up the processing of your order please contact us with your order number!

73 reviews for Black Ops GodMode/Invisible Classes

  1. Mystic

    I highly recommended him for mods for any game!

  2. danistractor (verified owner)

    Quick and cheap

  3. BlackDragon04m

    Thanks for the everything

  4. Kyle (verified owner)

    Got an account done, less than 5 mins later I had 4 godmode classes. Thank you , appreciated

  5. Warsangel (verified owner)

    I can’t give you 5 stars because in the past I’ve had problems, but if you continue to improve as you are doing, it’s very likely to give you a note of excellence.

  6. reganwallace12 (verified owner)

    Brilliant customer service and reliable source would reccomend this guy to anybody thanks so much again??

  7. Darkhurricane

    This is one of the best and legit modder . Do not go to any other modder besides Nice Modz. He mods everything exactly the way you want it . He is one of the best modder in the world . He provides very fast service . I recommend anybody going to him for all your modding needs.

  8. BwS Traps

    Pretty good service and quality, real quick and not expensive

  9. Nik

    Service was fast!! great job! ty very much <3

  10. Adam Samir (verified owner)

    Great communication. Crazy cheap and definitely worth the money! So much fun to use and I received my account back in minutes. Thanks !

  11. pokerf4ce17

    I got the mod right away.

  12. Nathen Cox (verified owner)

    Love this guy!!!!! Anytime I need a mod I go through him!!!!!

  13. Gamer

    Worked like a charm

  14. Hutch

    Love the mods!

  15. King

    i have heared high of this service i am about to perchase this package tommorow and i will write up a review about it

  16. king

    Best service for mods out there 100% working recommended highly try yourself and you will see i got the god mode classes the same day as purchase best place to get mods no scam

  17. the1don7 (verified owner)

    After getting ripped off my lunasmodz I thought I would have the same experience here since after I payed for my mods it nearly took over 5 hours to get in contact with this person. Ounce I got in touch everything worked out fine I got my classes godmode and he did as I told him thanks


    thank for this

  19. itsSolarzz (verified owner)

    everything works and done fast

  20. Reno (verified owner)

    All legit boys, i was super skeptical at first but im glad i got it done! the process of this really isnt difficult at all too. customer service is also great! he gets back rather quickly which is super nice

  21. Dahntray (verified owner)

    These guys are legit and quick.

  22. Matthew (verified owner)

    He did a great job with mine. Super fast recovery. Only took about 7 minutes. I will definitely be buying more from this site.

  23. Fabio (verified owner)

    He was very good !! Highly recommended, good, honest, fast and available

  24. Josh

    I was sceptical about this service but it is 100% legit and the customer service is great. Very easy to contact should you have any questions. I would recommend to anyone. (I am a UK gamer)

  25. Wilber flores (verified owner)

    It works I trust this website my email and password and I can tell this is a legit website you can trust

  26. HunterTheAndrew (verified owner)

    Very good service, I will be buying from them again tomorrow. Highly recommend.

  27. Hunter (verified owner)

    Very good mods and good modder.

  28. John (verified owner)

    Very good I got mine in less than a day this guy is legit and has very cheap prices I will be buying from here again very soon

  29. Matthew McGraw (verified owner)

    Great service and responded in a timely manner highly recommend. Got this one and the MW3 bronze package and he is really great at doing it and explaining it.

  30. ApplezFTW (verified owner)

    First time purchase but would recommend. They’re cheap and quick. Got them in less then a day

  31. Geraldjr1013 (verified owner)

    This guy is legit and professional! Quick service, done correctly. My order took less than 24hrs to be completed. Being a tryhard player myself, i no longer get upset when i run into godmode players trying to ruin the game for others. I just simply switch classes and beat them at their own game. Very satisfied with my purchase. Definitely recommended, especially if you like to make other godmode players rage quit because they cant dominate lol!

  32. ramteen (verified owner)

    Only took them less then 24 hours to get me my classes. I enjoyed their service so much i bought another one. This time im seeing how long it takes.

  33. dmannman (verified owner)

    This guy is legit. Going into this i was skeptical like always and hell i even thought the reviews were probably bots or something. But its legit. It was quick, easy and cheap. I would highly recommend this if your tired of playing a s&d only to come up against a modder and have no recourse against it.

  34. salty player

    his service was great and fast he made me 5 godmode classes in under 25 minutes

  35. José Soto (verified owner)

    Very good service and 100% reliable, I will recommend them.

  36. Frosty-95 (verified owner)

    A 100% legit and recommended. I emailed nicemodz about my order and he completed it in minutes. Working perfectly

  37. carpenter377

    I highly encourage this website for those who are looking for any mods! It is very quick and cheap.

  38. John

    Lets check and see how legit they are :).

  39. Pandagod (verified owner)

    Was really sketch about doing this at first but it all worked out good. Would recommend this site cheap and legit. Big Thanks to @NiceMoDz for msg me on Discord and helping me get my account done

  40. Youngmoneyb150

    God mode classes are really fun only issue is running out of ammo.

  41. Nerd7016

    This guy is legit trust me

  42. Dahntraygunnerboi (verified owner)

    I purchased bo1 modded classes and they were great and got them quickly. These guys are legit and quick thank you guys very much for your wonderful service.

  43. Jay (verified owner)

    Very legit and actually works

  44. R4ST4F4R1 (verified owner)

    Super easy to aquire the purchase, “order getting processed”. I figured it would take some time, as we are located in EU and I assumed this service would be based in US, and it is a pretty different time zone. So went for a walk with my doggiez, came back, and -Woah- our account was logged off. “Order completed”. In suspense we logged in, start up BO and -Bam- We Were Godz!
    Super fast service, super reliable, super cheap, wish we’d found you sooner! Any future purchase will definitely be @ your website!

  45. KPizzle

    I love this service quick wat i wanted and inexpensive..?

  46. Brandon mitchell

    I have to give you five stars like come on y’all his cheap you not paying $50 to mod a account man I’m glad I found this account

  47. oldcub (verified owner)

    Just purchased for Xbox. Brilliant customer service & quality mods.
    Don’t even hesitate to buy this one!

  48. Jared Notario (verified owner)

    It’s Amazing The Price, Many People Scam Or Ask Hella Money, But Here Cheap, And Fast. He Does Everything You Ask Him To Do For You Account. Frs, This Service Is So Quick, Less Than 1 Hour, I Got The Mods On My Account. Thank You, Very Much

  49. cudi1122 (verified owner)

    Quick and easy! Very legit !

  50. Sam (verified owner)

    Great Service, very cheap, very quick and very fun to play now. Will definitely be ordering again from here. Your details are in safe hands with the guys!

  51. Adam a (verified owner)

    Ordered quite late Friday night , woke up Saturday morning to completed emails. Wasn’t expecting such a quick service. Highly recommend

  52. Spacemonkey1798 (verified owner)

    Nice modz has been around longer than you’d think and they go 110% with whatever you order. it’ll be a cold day in hell when nice modz doesn’t knock ya socks off

  53. robbie parker (verified owner)

    first word that comes to mind is amazing ordered yesturday evening woke up this morning and its all done was amazed to see it as i had someone try it before and didnt work but this guy is the best ive come across easy quick and reliable deffo worth the money

  54. Deffcio (verified owner)

    Amazing service. Great communication. Recommend 100%

  55. Ronnie macks

    Great place and people wonderful service

  56. Dennis (verified owner)

    Im from Germany, thanks for your quick Help. All went perfect. Thanks alot . My brother will buy soon to 😉

  57. Richard (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. Did a brilliant job.

  58. ivan (verified owner)

    its true legit , fast service and great instructions

  59. Michael B (verified owner)

    Everything works. Fast and effective. Would highly recommend.

  60. milwaukee414

    Great super fun

  61. Tristan (verified owner)

    Very good people helped me when I couldn’t get it to work 10/10.

  62. Kaz

    I highly recommended him for mods for any game!

  63. Nick Gurr

    Pretty damn fast!

  64. Gerald

    This guy is legit and trusted

  65. Aran (verified owner)

    Highly recommend fast and reliable

  66. Sheridan Cox (verified owner)

    great service, quick and easy, legit, trustworthy, much appreciated, thankyou man, will deffo recommend you to friends👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  67. Kenny Grennell

    Super easy to purchase and manage, took seconds. Just hope to get a reply!

  68. Tony Kim (verified owner)

    Very good and fast service.
    Prices very reasonable.

  69. Daniel

    Purchased godmode/invisible class for black ops one. Very happy with your service and very fast service aswell. Highly recommended and very trustworthy. Works perfect so thanks so much. 20/09/22

  70. Keem k

    Best quick and easy easy process 👌

  71. GodmodeFeller

    Can’t complain. Good Service.

  72. Tunzhd

    Thank you bro, fast service , good communication

  73. Brigita

    This is fully legit, your safe with nicemodz does what he says he will, he communicates to you and gives you tips and advise, 10/10

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